• What are the features of Inconel X750?
    Post time: May-23-2024

    Inconel X750 (also known as UNS N07750) is a nickel-chromium alloy blended with aluminum and titanium to make it precipitation hardenable. It is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and has good mechanical properties at high temperatures up to 700°C (1290°F), including high tensile and creep-rupt...Read more »

  • What is nickel-based alloy?
    Post time: May-17-2024

    Base alloy is a nickel-based alloy. As the name implies, the chemical composition of nickel accounts for a large proportion and is the main component. Therefore, nickel-based alloys have high strength and are suitable for many high-temperature alloy industries. So, what are the advantages of nick...Read more »

  • What are the properties of Inconel X-750 Bars?
    Post time: May-09-2024

    Inconel X-750 Bars boast remarkable stress-rupture effectiveness while exhibiting lower resistance to creeping. Engineered to thrive in high-stress environments requiring precise temperature control and heat treatment, these bars demonstrate exceptional strength, particularly at temperatures reac...Read more »

  • Hastelloy B2 vs B3: What’s the Difference?
    Post time: Apr-20-2024

    The Difference Between Hastelloy B2 & Hastelloy B3 Hastelloy B2 and Hastelloy B3 are both nickel-based alloys known for their excellent resistance to corrosion, particularly in aggressive chemical environments. While they share similarities, there are some key differences between these two al...Read more »

  • Anti-corrosion performance and processing technology of Incoloy 800.
    Post time: Apr-18-2024

    Incoloy 800 is an alloy with a face-centered cubic lattice structure, so Incoloy 800 can resist corrosion from many corrosive media. Its higher nickel content makes it highly resistant to stress corrosion cracking under aqueous corrosive conditions. The high chromium con...Read more »

  • What is the deformation resistance of Inconel X-750 alloy?
    Post time: Mar-22-2024

    Inconel X-750, this nickel-based high-temperature alloy, has played a pivotal role in aviation, petrochemicals, energy and other fields since its birth. Its excellent performance is due to its unique chemical composition and precise manufacturing process. First of all, the main ingredients of Inc...Read more »

  • Introduction to corrosion-resistant alloy metal spray plating process.
    Post time: Feb-28-2024

    Metal spraying is a process in which compressed air or inert gas is used to spray molten corrosion-resistant alloy metal onto the metal surface to form a protective coating. During metal spraying, the coating material is melted and atomized in a special spray sink or spray gun, and sprayed onto t...Read more »

  • What are the applications of Incoloy 825 Strip?
    Post time: Feb-19-2024

    Incoloy 825 strip finds applications in various fields due to its superior corrosion resistance and high-temperature performance. Here are some common applications of Incoloy 825 strip: 1.Chemical Industry: Incoloy 825 is often used in corrosive environments within the chemical industry, such as ...Read more »

  • Warmly welcome German customers to our company for on-site visits and business negotiations.
    Post time: Feb-05-2024

    On January 29, 2024, a German client visited our company for an on-site visit and inspection. The primary objective of this visit was to establish and strengthen trust between the two parties. Company manager Sunny and sales manager Thomas warmly welcomed the guests on b...Read more »

  • What is nimonic 263 used for?
    Post time: Jan-24-2024

    Nimonic 263 is a nickel-based superalloy known for its high strength and corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. It is commonly used in applications that require excellent performance in harsh environments. Some of the primary uses of Nimonic 263 include: 1.Aerospace Industry: Nimonic 263 ...Read more »

  • What is duplex stainless steel used for?
    Post time: Jan-09-2024

    Introduction: Duplex stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional combination of strength and corrosion resistance, has found widespread use across various industries. This alloy, featuring a dual-phase microstructure of austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, offers a unique set of properties ...Read more »

  • Is INCONEL 718 magnetic or non-magnetic?
    Post time: Dec-13-2023

    Inconel 718 is a nickel-based superalloy known for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and good fabricability, especially at elevated temperatures. In its standard condition, Inconel 718 is typically non-magnetic. Nickel and its alloys, including Inconel 718, are generally non-magnetic in th...Read more »

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